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Admin Rules   Competition draws are online and can be viewed using the   All competitions needed to be arranged
Old E.P.A Rules   tabs above or downloaded on the left hand side of this page.   by 17th July, and results/claims
World Rules       received by Sunday 31st July..
Blackball Rules   All competition entries need to be sure their contact   Semi finals are to be played at
Competitions   details are correct. You can view this information using the   neutral venues and the dates have
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Weekly Statsheet        
Team News   30th June   Committee
    Devonshire Disciples 2 V 8 Stick Men    
Team stats correct up to matches   Centurions 8 V 2 Baize Invaders   The next committee meeting will
played on 30th June 2016   Argochalks 8 V 3 Steve's Crew   be on Sunday 31st July
    Bath Bears 6 V 4 Charmbury Army   19:30 Start at The Devonshire Arms.
League Finance Sheet Can Be Viewed   White Mares 9 V 1 New Crown    
HERE   Moorfields 3 V 7 Assembly    
    Kings Head 8 V 2 Golden Fleece    
    Phoenix Knights 8 V 2 Moorfields Maniax    

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