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Old E.P.A Rules   downloaded on the left of this page or viewed using   before 29th March 2015,
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Weekly Statsheet        
Team News   19th February 2015   Committee
    Centurions 9 V 1 Stick Men    
All Stats are complete   Assembly 4 V 6 Baize Invaders   The next committee meeting will
up to matches played on   Bath Bears 6 V 4 Charmbury Army   take place at The Devonshire Arms
12th February   Devonshire Disciples 7 V 3 Steve's Crew   on 19th April, starting at 19:30.
Team & League financial   Charmbury 7 V 3 Golden Fleece   All first & second round draws will take 
information can be viewed    Phoenix Knights 4 V 6 Bath Aces   placeat this meeting.
…..HERE…..   Moorfields 6 V 0 New Crown (Cancelled)    
    Kings Head 7 V 3 Belvoir Boys    

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