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Fixtures   Could all teams please try to send a photo of their scorecards    
Admin Rules   via picture message or email, as soon as you've finished   Competition draws are online.
Old E.P.A Rules   your match. The website can then be updated immediately.   All matches are at the semi-final and
World Rules   There will be a lot to discuss and vote upon at the A.G.M,   final stages, which means they are
Scorecard   so it would be great to have as many league members as   scheduled to be played on
Competitions   possible turn up. If you have any proposals to put forward   a set night, with a referee so please
Previous Winners   please email them before 2nd December to   be aware of the dates that apply to you.
Weekly Statsheet    
Stats   13 November 2014   Committee
    Premier 1    
Premier League Stats are complete up to    Baize Invaders 4 V 6 Dolphin   Next committee meeting is the A.G.M,
matches played on   Stick Men 7 V 3 Assembly   ans will take place at the Devonshire
    Bath Bears 4 V 6 Centurions   19:30pm, on Sunday 7th December.
13th November 2014   Premier 2   You can download the finance sheet
There are currently   Bath Aces 6 V 4 New Crown   and team register by clicking the link
0 missing scorecards   Fleece 3 V 7 Devonshire Disciples   League & Team Finance
    Phoenix Knights   V   BYE    

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