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Fixtures   Important Information   Competition draws are online.
Admin Rules   Any team owing subs at the end of the season will have to pay   All matches need to be arranged
Old E.P.A Rules   the amount owed, as well as next years registration fees   by Sunday 31st August and played
World Rules   before they can enter the league.   no later than 7pm, Sunday 14th Sept'.
Scorecard   If teams do not re-enter then players who played for the team   Competitions that are in the semi-final
Competitions   will not be allowed to play for any other team in the league   and final stages are to be played on
Previous Winners   until they have paid the fees they owe as individuals,   a set night, with a referee so please
Weekly Statsheet   which can easily be worked out using the statsheet.   be aware of the dates that apply to you.
Stats   21 August 2014   Committee
    Stick Men 8 V 2 Centurion B    
Stats are complete up to    Steve's Crew 6 V 4 Devonshire Disciples   The next committee meeting will
matches played on   New Crown 2 V 8 Assembly   take place at the Devonshire Arms
    Charmbury 6 V 4 Moorfield Misfits   19:30pm, on Sunday 14th September
7th August 2014   Dolphin 7 V 3 Baize Invaders    
    Golden Fleece 0 V 6 Bath Aces   You can download the finance sheet
There are currently   Centurions 7 V 3 Bath Bears   and team register by clicking the link
0 missing scorecards   Moorfields 0 V 10 Charmbury Army   League & Team Finance
    Phoenix Knights 6 V 4 Kings Head    

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