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Weekly Statsheet       top of the top of this page.
Stats   10 April 2014   Committee
    Steve's Crew 0 V 10 Stick Men    
Stas are complete up to    Assembly 8 V 2 Centurion B   The next committee meeting will
matches played on   Devonshire Disciples 6 V 4 Charmbury   take place at the Devonshire Arms
    New Crown 4 V 6 Dolphin   on Sunday 20th April.
10th April 2014   Moorfield Misfits 2 V 8 Golden Fleece    
    Baize Invaders 3 V 7 Centurions   You can download the finance sheet
There is currently   Bath Aces 3 V 7 Moorfields   and team register by clicking the link
1 missing scorecard   Bath Bears 10 V 0 Phoenix Knights   League & Team Finance
    Charmbury Army 8 V 2 Kings Head    

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