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Admin Rules       Competition draws are online.
Old E.P.A Rules   The 2014 Premier Leagues will commence on   All matches are at the semi-final and
World Rules   Thursday 2nd October.   final stages, which means they are
Scorecard       scheduled to be played on
Competitions   Fixtures will be online Sunday 28th September!   a set night, with a referee so please
Previous Winners       be aware of the dates that apply to you.
Weekly Statsheet        
Stats   04 September 2014   Committee
    Stick Men 7 V 3 Devonshire Disciples    
Stats are complete up to    Centurion B 6 V 0 New Crown   The next committee meeting will
matches played on   Steve's Crew 6 V 0 Moorfield Misfits   take place at the Devonshire Arms
    Assembly 6 V 4 Baize Invaders   19:30pm, on Sunday 2nd November.
7th August 2014   Charmbury 7 V 3 Bath Aces    
All remaining stats will be updated soon.   Dolphin 0 V 10 Bath Bears   You can download the finance sheet
There are currently   Golden Fleece 0 V 7 Charmbury Army   and team register by clicking the link
0 missing scorecards   Centurions 9 V 1 Kings Head   League & Team Finance
    Moorfields 6 V 4 Phoenix Knights    

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