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Admin Rules   The 2014 season has come to and end, and after the A.G.M   All competitions have been played
Old E.P.A Rules   plans are already underway for the commencement of the   apart from the Mens Singles Final
World Rules   2015 season. The presentation will take place on 10th January   which will take place at the
Scorecard   with the new season set to start in the last week of January.   Devonshire Arms on 10th January
Competitions   New proposals that were passed at the A.G.M can be     The final will start at 8pm 
Previous Winners   Downloaded Here   Danny Musgrove vs Pete Wakenshaw
Weekly Statsheet        
Stats   2015 Season   Committee
Premier League Stats are complete up   The 2015 season will begin with 2 Divisions of Old E.P.A   The next committee meeting will
to matches played on   This will be followed by 2 Divisions of World rules,   not take place until the end of
    and subsequently the introduction of 2 Divisions of Blackball Rules.   February. This is a meeting that all
5th December 2014       teams in the new league must attend,
There are currently   All registration forms and entry fees need to be in by 10th January,   under new administration rules laid
0 missing scorecards   and registration forms will be available to download soon!    out by the committee.

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